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The school was founded in 1997 by a group of teachers whose aim was to offer students comprehensive education in a supportive, friendly and creative environment. At the beginning, it was the Prywatne Liceum Ogólnokształcące im. Królowej Jadwigi [the Królowa Jadwiga Private General Secondary School]. The school was named after Jadwiga, the Queen of Poland. In 2001 a gymnasium was established as part of the original school.

From the very beginning, we have been focused on the educational model activating students themselves in their own knowledge acquisition process and developing their personal and social skills.

Prywatne Gimnazjum i Liceum im. Królowej Jadwigi [the Królowa Jadwiga Private Lower Secondary and Grammar School] gets a high ranking thanks to the team of experienced teachers and constant effort of Grzegorz Szymczak, the owner of the school, to improve the infrastructure. We own our school building and a modern gym. The school has suitable classrooms, two Science Labs, the IT Lab, the Multimedia Centre and the school canteen offering healthy food. Another asset of the school are the competent and exceptionally friendly administration and services staff.

The school offers a very attractive educational system. There are art subjects in the innovative form of workshops for gymnasium students, and second-year students of the general secondary school can attend seminar classes in small groups. Foreign languages are taught according to students’ competence and ­the number of language hours has been increased. Students get high standard of teaching during all lessons, however, we focus on teaching Mathematics.

Every year a large number of students from the Królowa Jadwiga Private Gymnasium and General Secondary School win prizes in numerous competitions and contests. We rank among the four percent of the best schools in Poland. All the students in our school are successful in external examinations on both levels. We belong to a very small group of secondary schools in which all the students pass the Matura Examination. Experts from the Centralna Komisja Edukacyjna [the Central Examination Board] recognise our school as successful as regards Edukacyjna Wartość Dodana [Value-Added Assessment].

In the process of education voluntary work and all forms of social initiative play a special role and are of extreme importance in our school. They teach young people to show respect to others, especially those less privileged, or in need. They enhance the development of responsible, cogitative and mindful attitude put into practice according to the motto from the coat of arms of Queen Jadwiga: ”Fac quo vides” , i.e.”Do what you see.”

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